Handyman Job Considerations

The profession of being a handyman is one of the most underappareciated jobs in the world. These multi-faceted individuals work wonders with simply a pair of hands and a set of tools. Even the most monumentous of tasks can be made to look quite easy by an experienced handyman.

However, it’s not always easy for a handyman to find employment. It’s not necessarily the type of job one would apply for formally with a resume — nor is it one where interviews are overly common. This piece will speak about three ways a handyman can secure work. While not completely guaranteed that it will lead to employment, these measure are a nice start in securing a gig.

Online Job Sites

There are a number of online platforms which specifically are seeking the services of handymen. Some of them are even geared solely for the purpose of handymen/people in the industry.

One potential site to check out includes Indeed.com. From there, prospective handymen can narrow down searches by location and the potential compensation. Other online platforms within the same setting include Zip Recruiter, Simply Hired, and Thumbtack. Business owners, managers, and other forms of management often post listings. These could be short-term commitments — or potentially projects that last months.

Word of Mouth

The best endorsement one can get is most certainly through word of mouth. If you’ve got old clients that’ve enjoyed your work, don’t hesitate in asking if they’d spread the word as to your talents as a handyman. By garnering the trust of the initial client, it opens up a whole world of other potential clients simply based upon the job you did for a single person.

Other than clients, one should be comfortable in asking family and friends to also spread the word — whether by text, email, in-person correspondence, or even an ad.


Self-promotion is key here. While marketing one’s set of skills might seem awkward and uncomfortable, it is necessary when attempting to build a brand. This can be done in a number of ways. Making a personal website is something that can enable the individual to showcase past work. Anything from landscaping, carpentry, mechanical and plumbing work, automotive/autobody, painting, and so much more always seem to be in demand.

Duly, one can go the old school route and simply make paper advertisements — which can be placed in local businesses (along with business cards). Lastly, a handyman can take out an ad in a local paper as a means to promote their skill-set. Duly, one should scour the local ads to see if a potential customer is looking to enlist the services of a handyman.

Image Source: HomeWorx Iowa