General Symptoms and Relief From Seasonal Allergies

Allergy season is something that impacts virtually everyone to some varying degree. When pollen is flushed into the air, one can be sure to hear persistent sounds of coughing, sneezing, and the blowing of one’s nose.

While allergies can be rather hindering and not all that pleasant, there are a number of ways to ward off the symptoms. This piece will look at normal symptoms of allergies, and thus how one can combat them using the help of doctors and the over-the-counter capabilities of any general drug store.


The severity of the symptoms do vary in person to person. However, there are a number of tell-tale symptoms most associated with allergy season. For one, the combination of a stuffy/running nose with slight throat soreness could be a sign of an allergy situation.

Additional, itchy eyes — and ones with a slight reddish glaze — often are associated with an allergy problem. Along with that, the person may have some sensitivity when it comes to wind and outdoor brightness. Persistent sneezing is very likely a sign of an allergy — as is constant head pressure around the temples and the forehead.


There are multiple ways to combat the general annoyance of allergies. For one, a trip one’s local physician will likely result in some sort of prescription. These then can be picked up at any local pharmacy.

Additionally, most supermarkets have minute clinics, where on-site medical professionals will diagnose — and then offer their suggestions as to how to best manage an allergy outbreak.

Lastly, any individual is able to buy over-the-counter medicine to help deal with allergy symptoms. Specific ones geared towards stemming allergies include Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, and Benadryl.


Image Source: Fox News